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Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 1:14 am
by stratman6
hi, i'm a newbie looking for a little help with recording with sonar 2 xl
my question is .. how do i stop other tracks recording on a track that i want to record on ... when i start to record a track the other tracks that are playing also appear on my recorded track...i never had this problem til i converted midi to audio now i dont know how to get back.
any help will greatly be appreciated thanks a bunch !!


Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 6:17 am
by andychap
Open your soundcard mixer controls through the volume icon in the sys tray and find the recording properties. Make sure the what you hear box is not checked. Also deselct all the others until you need them leaving just the MIDI enabled.

When you record the midi file make sure you solo just the track you want to record (or mute all the others) then you will only record that one track.

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:31 pm
by howdthattaste

yeah, if you are recording with the microphone input, make sure that is checked. if you want line in, make sure that is checked. i had that problem and i had "stereo mix" accidently checked. stereo mix is all sounds coming from the computer.



Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 9:30 pm
by Stratman
Thanks andy!! it worked well !! , My Recording control was set to wav out mix instead of line in.. i knew it wasnt gonna be difficult but something i just overlooked thumbs up to ya buddy


Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 9:35 pm
by Stratman
Sorry paul !! i didnt mean to forget you too in my last post but ya thats exactly what it was .. thanks for your input too :D