New to Group MIDI probs

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New to Group MIDI probs

Postby MayBeaLeo » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:45 pm

Hi gang,
well I am new but probably as rare as a Dinosaur using the ol' 6.01 vers of Cakewalk hehe.
I have never changed because of my "if aint broke don't fix it" attitude.
But at long last i have a PROBLEM & wondering if anyone in the group can help?
Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden my MIDI Keyboard (piano style) controller doesn't WORK anymore?
I am trying to input MIDI info like notes etc to Cakewalk & the keyboard IS working as i have plugged it into other MIDI devices to check but it's not going into cakewalk anymore.
The little keyboad icon comes up when i open CWLK then mouse over it dissapears.
I have gone to MIDI devices & tried all configurations of ports in & out.
I have even taken CWLK off my PC & reinstalled it in an attempt to reset everything back to default.
My sound card SEEMS to be working playing back waves MIDI & everything I am even able to record wave into CWLK.
Any ideas anyone? URGENT!!!
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Re: New to Group MIDI probs

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Postby Special-K » Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:14 pm

Try reinstalling. Make sure you backup your settings or preferably the whole PC system first
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