HELP! My recording is sped up 200% ?!

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HELP! My recording is sped up 200% ?!

Postby Topeng » Tue May 08, 2007 3:54 am


I just done a 7 track recording in Sonar 5 Producer. The recording went fine and so I did my editing. No fancy stuff, just some fades here and there and some added compressor, EQ and reverb filters. I listen to it before I export it and it sounds prefect. I export the tracks to RIFF and suddenly my exported audio file is sped up 200%. Like the chipmunks are having a gig! I check inside my Sonar, also sped up?! Close and reopen my Sonar to check if its a clitch. Still the same!! I check my audio data folder, all my recording sources are also sped up 200%!!

I thought is was just incompatible frequency settings, so I checked the project and recorded audio files and both are 16bit 44.1kHz.
The modified date of the files in the audio data folder are the date and time of the recording and not when I edited a few hours later. So I couldn't accidentally have triggered some audio-process that might have sped it up, right?

I'm confused and desperate because it is hard to get that band together in the studio.
Anybody got any suggestions or idea what could have happened?

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Re: HELP! My recording is sped up 200% ?!

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