Basic overdubbing question for Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.01...

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Basic overdubbing question for Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.01...

Postby dc3 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:31 am

Hi guys,

I'm just new back into recording and have forgotten pretty much everything. I have not used Cakewalk since 2001. So, currently I am running 8.01 with my inputs coming from a Mackie XD-2.

I have the following questions, and I know this is basic beginners stuff, but bear with me:

1) How do I record a simple mono signal onto track 1 through my interface so that when it plays back, I get the mono signal in both speakers of my headphones, not just the left channel.

2) I have recorded a guitar track on track 1 and now wish to double track it on Track 2. However, when I arm track two, I can't hear Track 1 so tha I can play along with it.

I'd love any help on these questions. Thanks!!

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Re: Basic overdubbing question for Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.01...

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Half duplex mode?

Postby mikejcurtis » Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:43 pm

Sounds like Cakewalk has your card configured to Half Duplex mode.
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Postby HDB » Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:40 pm

First question first:

A) Set the track to "Mono" before recording, and route the signal to the left or right input that you have set that track to. Pan center.

B) Leave the track stereo, and route the signal (split?) to both left and right inputs. Pan center.

Second question:

1) Set the output of first track as desired to output device.
2) Disarm recording on first track, and disable solo or mute.
3) Hit "Play". Does it play? Can you hear it? (Double-check playback levels, if not).
4) Set sync (Timing Reference) options to "Audio". (Not "MIDI" or "Internal" won't follow properly).
5) Set input of second track as desired to A) or B) of question one.
6) Set output of second track to desired output.
7) Arm for recording and play guitar in.
8) Can you hear it? (Double-check levels, if not).
9) With track two recording enabled, hit play.
10) Can you hear both now?

Try all that.

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