How to make Sonar look like Cakewalk Pro 3?

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How to make Sonar look like Cakewalk Pro 3?

Postby She-Ra » Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:16 pm

is there a way to work with Sonar that resembles the Cakewalk Pro 3 arrangement window?

like one point for a bar 4/4 and a FIXED grid? I ask because I need a new sequencer since Cakewalk Pro 3 does not work
with Vista 64 for some reason. :( and I badly miss this grid.
It seems absent on any modern sequencer like Sonar, Cubase, Samplitude (I only know from screenshots but still...)


any help much appreciated! :roll: :D
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Re: How to make Sonar look like Cakewalk Pro 3?

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Postby revnice » Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:56 pm


You can turn on a vertical grid if you want to on the Track view in Sonar 7. As for the rest, it's arranged differently which you'd think would throw you off and be a problem - but it's not.

It's arranged in a much better way and you'll soon wonder how you managed before. As a rule, more options and settings are hidden under drop down arrows, this gives you 'more' as well as more screen space.

I used v3 and didn't want it changed and Sonar 7 is a big jump but it's a real joy to use.

Sonar 7, shows your time line as in incremented ruler. Each bar is numbered and increments are displayed representing each beat. If you want to zoom in for more detail (and you will) the ruler display changes with the degree of zoom.

Instead of a blob showing an occupied measure, you can actually see the waveform of the data so it's easy to distinguish one instrument from another. This allows you to see the levels of the recorded data at a glance. Tracks can be color coded so you can group all brass to Red, or all strings to Green, etc.

It's a world apart and way, way better!


PS: In 3, I can understand the desire for the grid but in 7, the clips are displayed very differently, you'll soon find that vertical grid is annoying and complicates the display. I don't know anyone that uses it.
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