Unable to record a master track while playing two audio trak

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Post by jodyhollar » Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:10 am

1) I have a few MIDI files and a few audio files.
2) i recorded the audio files to the clock of the midi
3) everything sounds great together
4) i am plugged in to convert the midi to audio....and play ALL of these tracks together onto one audio track.

all that ends up on the recording is the midi conversion....the audio tracks (already recorded and sound as if they are in the mix) don't make it onto the one track.

here's the kicker....it worked just fine this way yesterday...nothing muted, solo off,....no minor arming stuff overlooked

Sonar 6, XP, Keyboard Synth for MIDI, regular soundcard stuff
Any takers?....pleeease?

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