Hesitation or glitch in playback

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Hesitation or glitch in playback

Postby Highpines » Thu Dec 04, 2003 5:22 pm

Hello to all,
Well, whats happening is I'm getting a hesitation or a small glitch when playing back a project (computer actually locked up once). At this point I'm running 5 tracks of audio and 3 tracks of midi drums with "kick and snare on one track, ride on another then crash on another. If I remove the ride and or crash this hesitation doesn't seem as bad. I"m running a two year old 733 mghz prcessor with 512 megs of mem so I don't think its the memory. I'm using a "Audiophile 2496" sound card and am using "Gigastudio" for sampled drums and reverb. Could it be that I need to upgrade to a faster processor and computer? The processor usage indicator at the bottom of the screen can reach around 35 to 40 % when playing back this project. One more thing, when recording midi snare with my keyboard ("Studiologic") the snare occaisionally will mute out or sound different, could it be I'm having midi sync problems in some way??
I'm sorry about the long post but wanted to give as much info as I could think of.
Thanks for any help you can give

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Re: Hesitation or glitch in playback

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Postby GretscGuy » Thu Dec 04, 2003 6:22 pm

One thing I want to point out before I get into this is GigaStudio is one of the buggiest pieces of software out there. If you are getting a lot of errors at startup, etc.. Chances are it's coming from there.

Now on to your problem.

Some questions I would ask of you are:
1- What OS are you running? If you are running ME that's probably the answer to your problems.

2- What Cakewalk Product are you using? If you are running Sonar 3 you are below the minimum requirements, so your problem could be there.
+ I am not sure what the requirements for Sonar and Sonar 2.2 were, maybe someone here does.

3- Is your Giga instrument being read from a cd or external drive? If so this is deffinitley your problem. Move the instrument onto your hard drive and reload it.

4- How fast is your hard drive? (5400, 7200, 10k???) How full is the drive and is it fragmented?

My money is on the problem being with GigaSampler. I have GigaStudio 160 and when it works it's great. But it gives me problems while trying to do drums as well (I am running 2.4Ghz P4). Try closing giga and running the midi tracks through another external synth and see if you have this problem.

ALso, if you have a second hard drive, try putting the giga files on there.

Make sure your drive is clean clean and also defragged. This causes a lot of probs in GigaStudio.

Good Luck!
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Postby Guest » Thu Dec 04, 2003 7:20 pm

Thanks for the reply,
No problems with "goigastudio on start up, but I am running ME for os. I had a guy come out to help me with some networking and he saw I had ME and he CRINGED. I had no idea it made a difference. I am using HS 2004. Hard drive I'm sure is 5400 and defragged daily. Sounds possibly like it's the os, Ive been wanting to upgrade to XP is this the choice to make??
Thanks so much for the imput


Postby GretscGuy » Thu Dec 04, 2003 11:54 pm

On a 700Mhz PC I would reccomend Windows 2000. You will be able to get a copy cheaper than XP Pro and on an older machine you will have much better performance.

When you install your new OS, opt to make your drives NTFS as opposed to FAT32. Make sure you get Windows 2000 drivers for all of your devices BEFORE you do the upgrade.

A side not, be sure you are running GigaStudio and not GigaSampler before you change. GigaSampler doesn't run under XP or W2k and they have no upgrade program.

Check out the optimization guides I mentioned for some great tips on INSTALLING W2K. There are several small options during the install process that will help your audio machine greatly.

ME is a HUGE os. I'll bet you see a tremendous diufference with Windows 2000, plus 2k crashes about 10 times less than ME. I don't know why, but I had a feeling that ME was involved by your post.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any other help. Good Luck!
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