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Postby Nick » Thu Dec 11, 2003 5:34 am

K I dont want to flood this forum with my poo, but I need help. I made an entry earlier but it didnt get enough views, prolly due to the subject title.
in my version of cakewalk (music creator 2003). the help file says to go to options - instruments... then to click on the define button. THERE IS NO DAMNED DEFINE BUTTON!!!!! All I see is two boxes where you choose the output and what instrument to use. There is no define button so i can import or change the instrument definitions, I can only choose what is already there. Tell me I'm doing something wrong.

if i could i would delete the original, but im not a member of the forum yet (i'll sign up tonight)
thanks so much
take care :)


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No Define button here either...

Postby Motif8 User » Mon Jun 21, 2004 3:45 am

Same problem with me.

Crappy software if you ask me.

There's probably some "trick" to it or something... but you'd think they would be consistant with their help information. :roll:
Motif8 User

Postby andychap » Mon Jun 21, 2004 9:58 am

Found this on another web site which might be of some help for you Music Creator sufferors.

'Importing Instrument Definitions' is detailed in the Help files. Unfortunately, MC does not have this facility enabled to import instrument definitions.
There is a little trick you can do to get your keyboard sounds recognised by MC. Install a trial version of Sonar (which has instrument definitions). Import your instrument definition into Sonar. You may have to search on Google to find it if Cakewalk hasn't got it. Now, find a file called master.ins in your Sonar folder(s) and copy it. Paste this into your MC folder ( the one containing the application executable) and it will overwrite the existing, although you perhaps should rename the old one first! Now when you open MC, you should find all your wonderful patches available for selection from within the software

One of the bast places to find instrument definitions is at CakewalkNet

Hope that helps :wink:
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