SONAR3/WDM-KS/HOONTECH.. doesn´t work..WHY??

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SONAR3/WDM-KS/HOONTECH.. doesn´t work..WHY??

Postby LoboTomi » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:01 pm

I´ve just installed SONAR 3 producer edition because I never succeeded to get the CUBASE SX to work properly with my HOONTECH DSP2000 (DSP24). The ASIO test´s were never succesful and I had ofcourse lots of clicks/pops on sound. 23ms latency and more.. The sound accualy clicked when I moved the mouse left and right.

My computer works in "standard mode", and I have installed all the updates. Checked the IRQ´s.. I thought that problem might be the motherboards VIA-chipset. (I have installed also the VIA4in1).

Okay.. to the point.. I wanted to try one more sequencer before buying new motherboard.
I installed SONAR3 and tried it with ASIO-drivers.. worked like CUBASE SX. Cliks and pops.. but it recorded and played multitrack anyway.
Then I tried with the WDM KS-driver and it seemed to work fine.. 5ms latency! and no more clicks when moving mouse. Great!

Then I noticed a BIG problem.. if I chance the "audio driver bit depht" from 16bit to 24bit, all I hear is terrible noise. Sonar opens the project in 24bit allright but wont play it.
And its not possible to record at all.. even in 16-bit mode.. dropout when I press record. Whats wrong???

There is something really wrong with my system, but dont know what it is. I´m not sure it´s the VIA-chipset whats wrong... guess something else..

Any ideas... anyone???



Re: SONAR3/WDM-KS/HOONTECH.. doesn´t work..WHY??

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Postby andychap » Thu Jan 15, 2004 11:15 pm

I don't think it will be the VIA chipset now that you have installed the hyperion drivers. I have the same and no problems. I would say it could be the souncard drivers. Drivers out of the box are usually quite old. Try the manufacturers website for updated drivers and also

You can always use the MME 32bit drivers in the audio options. This will probaly cure you clicks and pops and you bit rate problem but you latency will suffer. Try adjusting the recording audio buffers as low as you can before you get problems and see what latency that gives you.

Edit: Just noticed there are new drivers for the DSP 24 value at the ST Audio site. They are dated 12 Jan 2004.
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Postby LoboTomi » Fri Jan 16, 2004 9:49 am

I´ve installed the new esiWDM8.1rc4-driver and it solved the playbackproblem.. works now in 24bit allright...

but recording is still not possible.. I get dropout when I press record.. in 16- and 24bit-modes...

anyone had this same problem??


Postby andychap » Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:01 am

This id own to buffer settings and your latency settings being to low. You will have try increasing them slightly untill the record function alright.

I noticed that you operate you system in 'standard mode'. This will not help when recording. You have to disable all background tasks that windows will run in the background sapping you memory and processor power. Make sure you have no other programs like antivirus and firewalls running (you wouldn't want to be on the net when recording anyway)

All these things cause spikes in you processor usage, it might only be for a fraction of a second but it is enough to make your audio drop out.
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Postby LoboTomi » Fri Jan 16, 2004 11:15 am

I have disabled networkconnection and got no firewall.. I have to set the latency up to 60ms and transfer rate 44.1kHz to be able to record one stereotrack.. taskbars CPU-meter shows then 30-90% (and over)!!!.. HD works fine (3-10%).. I still get dropouts.. even in 60ms-latency.. and its still not possible to record even two track at a time. with ASIO I can record and playback multitrack.. but I want to get rid of the clicks/pops/latency..

Could it be the VIA?? I really dont know..


A bit more info, please

Postby CraigG » Wed Feb 11, 2004 8:13 pm

What OS are you using?
How much RAM?
Did you check ST Audio's knowledgebase or search/post to their online support forum? Claus and Skinnah are pretty good about answering within a day.

I have the C-Port 2000 running on an Asus TUSL-2C MOBO with 512 MB RAM and XP Pro. I'm using Microsoft's WDM. Never had a problem. I would also suggest updating your drivers for the C-Port. I haven't had a chance to try the newest. The 7.2.1014 drivers work great for me, so I'm not feeling pressed to try the latest and greates.

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