Link Sequencer Tempo To Live Drummer

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Link Sequencer Tempo To Live Drummer

Postby wind170 » Sun May 09, 2004 11:58 pm

Can you set Cakewalk or Sonar to follow a live drummer's tempo ?
If so ,can someone tell me how to do it ?

Several years ago, a friend told me of 2 devices that linked sequencer tempo to a live drummer.There was one called "The Human Hand" and another called "Magic Touch". I have an old catalog with an ad for "The Human Hand" in it.

The device would record the time of kick drum hits within a certain window according to tempo you set it to.
Every 3-4 measures, It would reset a sequencer tempo to the tempo calculated from the amount of time between the live drummer's downbeats, forcing the sequencer to follow the live drummer.

Does anyone know if these devices are still out there , and are there any programs that would do this with current popular sequencers ?

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Re: Link Sequencer Tempo To Live Drummer

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