PA8 Suddenly running VERY slowly

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PA8 Suddenly running VERY slowly

Postby bvdd » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:47 pm

I run both PA8 and Sonar 2.1. On my old machine (Athlon 1.3, 512, 2 40g 7200 HDs, Win98SE) they ALWAYS ran great. Now on my new machine (P4, 1G, 2 SATA 80g HDs, Win98SE) PA8 initially runs fine but suddenly gets 'bogged' down when processing audio files; inserting, normalizing, etc.) It is at least 1/10 the regular processing speed and I can clearly hear the computer laboring during the process.

I use the C drive for apps and the D drive for files. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, disabling Hypertheading in the bios, and re-formatting the HD .. no luck. Note that through this whole thing Sonar always runs slick, and that this only started with this new computer.

My resources remain high, there are no other software issues, and no errors anywhere.
Is there something about a P4 or Serial HD that might be the cause?

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Re: PA8 Suddenly running VERY slowly

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