Tempo varies in tracks

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Tempo varies in tracks

Postby rene17au » Fri Oct 15, 2004 9:27 am

I have a problem with tempo ( I think). I have recorded a melody from my Roland ep760 on track 1 Channel 1 using grand accoustic as the patch. Playing it back, there was no problem. I have used track 2 and allocated it to channel 10 in order that I can record some drums backing to my melody. Its sound find when I record, but when playing back, it seems that the drums are playing in a different tempo than the piano on track 1. I have also tried to use different instruments/channel but the result is the same. But if i Kill track 1 start a drum track on its own, it's sound OK. I am a verygood pianist and a beginner in Cakewalk. Am I doing something wrong re settings etc. I use Cakewalk pro 8. If anyone in the forum can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Tempo varies in tracks

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