Event conversion: from controller to note

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Event conversion: from controller to note

Postby LM833N » Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:56 pm

I'm using Sonar3P, and I want to convert multiple controller events into note events, how is this done?

I'm able to change the Event Kind one by one in the Event List view, but I really need to convert a fair number of controllers (1000+) into notes. Other parameters such as Channel, Data and Value do not need conversion. Perhaps there's a more efficient way of doing this?

I have recently come across a microcontroller-based MIDI controller (the MAnMIDI) which has 11 outputs (controller 0-10). I decided it was time to make a drum machine, but the Drum Map Manager only lets me change one note to another.

Any help would be (very) much appreciated!


Re: Event conversion: from controller to note

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