Windows XP Midi Mapping problem

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Windows XP Midi Mapping problem

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:49 pm

I've had a set that I've used for months without issue. Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.01 on a Dell B600r 600Mhz pc - Windows 98 with a Turtle Beach soundcard. I go MPU-401 out to various devices in the past - most currently an AKAI s5000 sampler.

Issue with another piece of software and Windows 98 made it necessay that I migrate to a Windows XP pc that I have an AMD 1.2Mhz pc with a built-in to the motherboard soundcard. I'm not sure I could convert the Dell to XP due to its age and possible bios/Windows XP compatibility issues.

I cant't figure out how to midi map the soundcard output to MPU-401. Cakewalk allows me to set it up this way. However, I can't find a way to map the soundcard - it's wavetable synth output is the only option.

I do hear sound when playing sequences through the soundcard speaker outs and headphones, but I want to MPU-401 out to the sampler. I can't find the right menus for the soudncard device in XP or I don't have the right drivers loaded. Any suggestions. Thanks ....

Re: Windows XP Midi Mapping problem

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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 02, 2005 10:22 pm

I worked on it a little this afternoon. dxdiag indicates that midi mapping is available - I believe I have a driver problem - just can't figure out in XP how to update the driver and where to get driver from for this built-in soundcard.

Problem soved in the short term - I'm just using both pcs and its working ...

Any suggestions would be cool ...

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