MIDI issue re selecting/ moving notes in a track

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MIDI issue re selecting/ moving notes in a track

Postby LukeCakewalker » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:46 pm

Using CWHS 2004 XL. Crossposting this to both beginner and MIDI forums.

Cakewalk is not cooperating.

I'm using MIDI, and I need the select, drag, drop, and especially delete functions in the track view to function **NORMALLY** as they always have done with ordinary audio tracks (not MIDI).

All I'm trying to do is to create a "guide track" with one simple chord per measure (e.g. a bar of Dm, a bar of A7, then a bar of G, and so on). This informal MIDI performance will NOT be used in the final mix of the recording, so the (relatively low) quality of my keyboard playing is completely irrelevant.

I need to be able to drag, drop, duplicate, and delete BARS OF MUSIC, as someone might do with sentences and paragraphs in a word processor. This shouldn't be so difficult.

However, if any TINY fragment of a note hangs outside the bar line, the process of selecting and moving information within the MIDI track is thwarted--for instance, the options are all dimmed out when I select Delete. I'm a songwriter, not a virtuoso; my performance is not precise enough to guarantee that these will be "Platonic solids."

On the "snap to grid," I have the Musical Time button selected, with Measure as the duration.

Apart from destroying my MIDI gear with a hammer, what can be done here?

I did a keyword search in this forum prior to posting, and it appears that others didn't get answers to similar questions.

Luke :evil:
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Re: MIDI issue re selecting/ moving notes in a track

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Postby Illprophet » Sun Jan 30, 2005 12:00 pm

I answered the best I could (given the info you provided) in the beginners forum. :arrow:
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