mAudio 49e + CW HS 2K4 = difficult timing?

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mAudio 49e + CW HS 2K4 = difficult timing?

Postby chill » Tue May 03, 2005 4:47 pm

I picked up an mAudio 49e MIDI controller so that I could do recordings of the MIDI drums in Cakewalk Homestudio 2004 w/o using the piano roll. The 49e is going in through a USB port and I'm using the Edirol VSC for the MIDI output. The 49e works, but the timing of it is wierd. Sometimes the notes will be delayed, other times they will be quiet. I think it has to do with the velocity of the notes...seems like there is a minimum speed the notes can be entered with a velocity of 100, or a maximum velocity for certain speeds. The computer is an HP pavilion with stock soundcard.

Is there a way to turn off Homestudio's reading of the velocity of the notes? Is there a way to turn off the velocity portion of the control so that I can just get the notes on the grid and change the velocity later if needed? Are all MIDI controllers like this, or are there some that have better timing/ less latency?
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Re: mAudio 49e + CW HS 2K4 = difficult timing?

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