Using SY85 as MIDI controller - mod wheel issue

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Using SY85 as MIDI controller - mod wheel issue

Postby Composer » Fri May 13, 2005 4:58 am


At the moment I'm using Soundfonts within Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, and would like to use the mod wheel on my SY85 to open filters etc. for more expressive sounds, especially in the orchestral realm. (brass etc).

I can use the SY85 to play in parts, but I can't change the mod wheel to act as anything but modulation. I've tried changing all the controllers in Cakewalk's piano roll view when I record in, but every time the mod wheel only acts as modulation.

Am I correct in assuming that it shouldn't be anything to do with the SY85 setup, since I'm not even using the built-in sounds? Perhaps it's something to do with Cakewalk, but even drawing in controller data with the mouse does nothing on playback. Is the modulation wheel even intended to be used other than modulation for external sounds?

I hope this makes sense. Everything else is great, if only I could use the mod wheel as a filter opener etc for my soundfonts.

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Re: Using SY85 as MIDI controller - mod wheel issue

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