Session Drummer Editing

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Session Drummer Editing

Post by SeaMower » Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:46 am

So I've created a MIDI track, created an initial Song in Session Drummer, Selected the track the proper way in Track View (Click the Track number, not the name or anywhere else on the track. Duh!), selected Process, Apply MIDI Effects, and my data shows up real nice in the track in all views. Nice.

But now I wanna add a few more measures to the track. If I repeat the above procedure, Cakewalk wanst to replace the existing track with the new patterns from the new Session Drummer Song.

Is there any way to insert or append to the track with Session Drummer, or am I condemned to always saving my Session Drummer Song, reloading it, and appending patterns to it so that I can replace the entire track?


Re: Session Drummer Editing

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Post by ComposerTed » Fri Sep 23, 2005 5:19 am

Hi SeaMower,

Yes, it does seem that when you create a MIDI track in Session Drummer that any subsequent Session Drummer will overwrite your initial track.

The best solution that I could come up with is to create a second MIDI track, use Session Drummer there, and then copy and paste the resulting clip to then end (or whereever you want it) of the first MIDI track.


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