programe change during playback problem's

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programe change during playback problem's

Postby crossingzero » Wed Nov 30, 2005 1:46 am

Im using CW Xl and a small midi setup, my question is this. How can I send a program change to an external midi devise ? Say I want to have a track to simply change the preset on my VAMP or have a tone generator change (during playback) to a different voice on the same track?? Ive read and reread the user guide and dont seem to find an answer in the forums.. seems like this should be possible. Ive been playing guitar for more than 34 years and all this "digital" wonderland is a learning curve that
quickly turns into a figure eight for me ... any advise would be great!
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Re: programe change during playback problem's

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Postby andychap » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:53 pm


By program change do you mean a bank or patch change? This tells for instrument to play a different sound or effect during the play back of the track. If so then read on, if not then I really don't know :(

First download the Instrument definition file for the Vamp from here and import it into cakewalk. Set it up in the instruments part of the options menu. The manual or help files show you how to do this.

Next, when you load in the project you are working on you should see in the midi track bank and patch windows information for the Vamp instead of just numbers or GM instrument names. This means your instrument definition is set up correctly.

Select the track that you want to make the change to and scroll across to the point where you want to make that change. Go to the insert menu and select inset bank/patch change. In the drop down windows you should see the banks and patches for the Vamp, select which one you want and click OK. That should insert the change at the point you where on the track.

You can also insert mater/key changes and tempo changes the same way.

I hope this is what you where after, if you haven't already sorted it out. I don't get online as much these days so I didn't notice your PM until today.
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Postby crossingzero » Tue Jan 24, 2006 12:47 am

no problem ..As a matter of fact I had not..just kept stomping away on the foot controler..WOW ..I loaded the definition file for my EX5R and it was like the heavens opened up after a summer shower..Im 40 years old and right now I feel like a 5 year old waking up to years first snow.. :D
I really do apprec. all the fine advise Ive read in the threads on this site!
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