Can't bounce midi to wav - cakewalk 2004

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Can't bounce midi to wav - cakewalk 2004

Postby gibby133kd » Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:45 pm

I'm having problems bouncing my midi tracks over to wav.
Cakewalk home studio 2004
PSR 290
M-Audio Firewire 410
Berringer 12 channel mixer

I just bought a new computer and set everything up the same way i did with my previous system. I can playback wav tracks through my monitor speakers, and midi will playback through my keyboard. Midi will also record in cakewalk and I can control patches via home studio as well. I've messed with midi omni vs. the other options but nothing is changing. When I attempt to bounce the midi over to wav though, it doesn't pick up the signal and I get no waveforms in the wav track. Also, my previous setup allowed me to run a 1/4" out of the output of the keyboard and into channel 1 of my mixer, the outputs of my mixer to the 1/4" inputs of my firewire, allowing me to hear the midi in the mix through my monitor speakers. The funny thing is I am getting a signal through the mixer and through the firewire (LEDs) but no sound. One thing I have noticed though is that I used to see a reaction to playing the keyboard in the output of the firewire software, now I don't. I'm really not sure what to do with this one. All software is a fresh install so I don't think its corrupt. I've reinstalled it 3 times just to be sure. The computer did come with a sound card but if I'm not mistaken that should only come into play when choosing drivers in cakewalk itself. Help!
Thanks very much
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Re: Can't bounce midi to wav - cakewalk 2004

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