Midi keyboard question

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Midi keyboard question

Post by Lethargic » Mon Jul 28, 2003 7:43 pm

I use a MIDI keyboard to play drums and record on Cakewalk. Worked great for a year but now I have something I want to use double bass on. It's extremely difficult to play double bass with one finger. Is there a way to assign the bass drum to two keys on the keyboard instead of one?

The way it is now is that the bass drum is the first key, a snare is the secona and another snare is on the third. What I want to do is get rid of the first snare and have the bass drum on both of those keys. So it's bass, bass, snare instead of bass, snare, snare. Is there a way to change this? I've been trying for a while but haven't figured out a way to do it.

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Post by andychap » Wed Aug 27, 2003 7:38 pm

Just a suggestion but if you can change you instruments to XG drums on channel 10 then you will find 3 Bass drums, two of which are together on the keyboard. Other than that you will have to learn how to map the drums to the keys on the keyboard.

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