cakewalk 9/ isis maxi hardware ....cant play back drum score

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cakewalk 9/ isis maxi hardware ....cant play back drum score

Postby banodrum » Thu Mar 23, 2006 2:20 am

hey there well ive got a pc with windows me... ive just installed isis maxi and all audio recording is spot on.....
but when i play back my drum scores (im a drum teacher)all i get is accoustic piano???
ive been into track properties and dont know the right source/port combo to use .....ive been useing channel 9 as my default percussion track is this correct???? also i know isis maxi has its own sounds but i dont know how to find them and make them default instead of the old audio driver..(ess audiodriver????) its driving me mental....all i need is to hear my scores back i dont need a great sound as i only use the midi for drum charts but its imposible to transcribe songs when i cant hear the rhythms back. i know its a simple problem but i just give up....CAN SUMONE HELP??????
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Re: cakewalk 9/ isis maxi hardware ....cant play back drum score

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Postby andychap » Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:23 am

Default channel for drums is Channel 10 :D

Only one out :wink:
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