Help in converting Rewire'd track into audio (Reason-Sonar)

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Post by Sliderpusher » Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:55 am

I've been trying different things to make this work, if anyone could shed some light into this I'll greatly appreciate it.

I'm able to route Reason 3.0 into Sonar 3 Producer Edition via the REWIRE feature.
The Dxi window pops up, I launch Reason and the system automatically creates the Midi and Audio track for it.
Sonar is able to play the track and I'm able to control the sound from Sonar but when I try to record it into audio (by arming the track and pressing record) it doesn't work.

I've looked through the Help manual and the only advice it gives me is to mute all other tracks and bounce the rewired program/Dxi instrument track onto a new one (aside from stating how easy this is supposed to be!).
I do this and nothing gets recorded.

The track seems to be routed fine as far as I know since the sound does come into Sonar's track and mixer.
Is the track supposed to create midi notation as the Rewired instrument (Reason's L & R mix) gets played Sonar??
I was able to work around it by exporting the song from Reason in wav format and importing it on a Sonar track but if both programs support rewire then why settle for a bandaid solution, right?

I'm new to this rewire and Dxi feature, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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