Problem exporting audio

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Post by Jeanine91 » Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:31 pm

Hey guys,
I've got a big problem with exporting audio. I've made 5 (midi) tracks.
Input: Roland EXR, omni
Output: 1-Roland EXR (I selected Cakewalk TTS first, but when I did that, the sound was very weird, like stuttering, so i don't know if that causes the problem?)

I don't know how to create envelopes.
When i select export > audio. Preset: All or what you hear. That works, but when i open the file with windows media player (wav file) after exporting i hear nothing. It is playing but there is no sound.

So does anyone know why it doesn't work. Should i select another output? if yes, how can i make it sound good then? Or should i make envelopes first, but how do you do that? xD or is it something else?

i hope someone can help me cause i really don't know how i should fix this :(

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