Problem: Editing sysex and notes in midifiles

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Post by Heiko » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:40 am

Hello guys,
Two problems.

The first with both: Cakewalk Professional and Sonar

My aim was to insert two special sysex events at different positions within the area of notes (not at the beginning of the midifile). If the file already has a sysex bank or sys data it is possible to double and change it in the event list. Here is no problem. But does anybody know a method, to insert the sysex into the note area, if there are no sysex before?

The second; only with Sonar and Cakewalk since version 9.
I inserted note events with the partitur view at time positions like 2:1:0 and 2:2:0, saved the file and opened it again. I detected that the notes are shifted in my file by 64 ticks. I repaired it, saved and loaded it once more: The same bug. The old Cakewalk Professional works without such bad problems. What can I do? I need Sonar since I use Windows Vista.

Regards Heiko

Two Hours later:
My first problem is solved. In the eventlist I had to click double on the type field of the event. Then I can change it as desired.

One week later:
The second problem also is solved. A friend of the German Yamaha Keyboard Forum has found the solution.
Delete the hook in "Global Properties" at "Use SysEx Banks instead of SysEx Data". Then the notes remain at the edited positions.

Hint: I use the German version of Sonar and I tried to translate what to do.

With each SysEx bank Sonar shifts the notes by one tick. I do not know why; I think it is a bad bug. Using SysEx banks we for example cannot insert correctly "Count In" notes into Yamaha XG midifiles to be played on Yamaha keyboards.

Remarks: I often visit this forum but I do wonder that there are only few replies. Why?
I have tried to edit eight notes at beat position beginning at 2:1:0. Try: Load the file with Sonar, shift the notes 73 ticks back, save it, load once more and look.
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