help me with my midi doubled notes , going crazy here grrrr

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Post by ekkerman » Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:51 am

hi there , i have a massive problem
when i am working with a midi file (an complete file i downloaded or bought i didnt use a keyboard on it!)
when i use the call script ; split notes to tracks on lets say drums to be able to adjust the various drumparts by means of velocity and the drums are split ; every tom, cymbal , kick and sbare etc has their own track .
sometimes the notes in this proces get doubled once they have their own track , you get a chorussy like sound .
i always try to use the call script ;undupe or single but it doesnt alway work. who can tell me the correct way to use this function like in cubase it was called ; delete doubles (that was easy !!!)
please help

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