I can't get ACT to work in Sonar 8.5.

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steven mc.
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Post by steven mc. » Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:38 am

I can't get ACT to work in Sonar 8.5.
I've NEVER used a midi controller although I've been mixing ITB for years. The new Cakewalk A-300pro http://www.zzounds.com/item--CAKA300PRO fit my needs as I wanted to junk my Yamaha Piano with some broken keys...I'm not a pianist anyway so.
I use Sonar, I just upgraded to SONAR 8.5. I chose the Cakewalk A-300 because I figured it would be the easiest to set up in Sonar for ACT, same company. I installed all the correct software, and followed the instructions. At this point, Sonar sees my controller as a Generic ACT device, and I can play the keyboard and use the drumpads. I can control a single sonar parameter per-knob/fader by right clicking on what I want to control in sonar and manually assigning the control. But from what I understand of ACT, I should be able to control different parameters from one Knob/fader depending on what window or view I have selected, correct? And at this point that's not happening. I've tryed everything in Sonar help and it SHOULD work I think, but it just doesn't. I follow the instructions, and at the end still no knobs or faders will connect to each other unless I do it manually outside of ACT. Nothing in sonar responds to any of the controls besides what I manually assign. Transport isn't even working.
i'm a totally midi control virgin. What am I missing? I've been on this for a few hours now, while Online it seems like people almost plug and play...what am I doing wrong? I'm probably missing something very simple for anyone familiar with control surfaces.

One thing I don't understand, is that on the A-300pro driver CD there are 19 different mappings for Cubase, Logic, ETC. but- none for Sonar. but- my controller is a cakewalk product, so I'm guessing it's just supposed to work with sonar without a mapping, but I have to use one so I chose number 18, General Midi.

I'm a little upset that I can't ACT to work easily between 2 Cakewalk products! What Gets me more irked is that in the Manual there is a section on setting up the A300pro with Cubase, Logic, and Live, but not a work on connecting with SONAR! AND they're BOTH cakewalk products! Just WORK!

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