midi sync

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midi sync

Postby kinkykrs1 » Fri Nov 07, 2003 5:22 pm

i want to bring songs from my old atari st1040 into sonar via midi. i have tried midi out of the st1040 into sonar midi in, which will record individual tracks, (which i will convert to audio later) but not in sync. i have tried midi out of sonar to midi in of st1040, activating sonar's midi sync icon, and putting the atari into midi receive mode, but sonar locks up. the taskbar tells me "waiting for midi sync" but nothing happens when i hit the space bar from either computer. i have used this process in pro tools (although primarily for audio recording), so theoretically it seems to me it should work the same way, however it's not. what am i missing??
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Re: midi sync

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