Trouble getting midi to record from my roland jv1010

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Trouble getting midi to record from my roland jv1010

Postby squeeze » Wed Dec 31, 2003 2:35 am

I just got Home Studio 2004 and been working to get everything hooked up with Midi. I am running XP Home. I have a Korg SP200 and a Roland JV1010 using Midiman UNO 1x1 Usb cables. I went by the instructions on how the Midi in went to the Midi Out and Visa Versa and it just did not work . I had no input or output from Cakewalk. Just by changing around I got it to input and output by Taking the UNO Midi Out to the Midi thrue of the jv1010 and the Midi in to the Midi in of the Korg and using a standard midi linking midi out of the Korg to the Midi in of the JV1010 and set PC-2 on the back of the jv1010. Everything works except no matter how I play the JV1010 to the Cakewalk in only records the internal sounds of my KORG. Example: I can program my JV1010 to play Horns and when I play the keyboard It sounds like horns when I am recording to a track but when I play it Back it has recorded the Korg in whatever sound it was set on. I know it don't make sense according to the instructions but if anybody can help I would be Great!

Re: Trouble getting midi to record from my roland jv1010

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