midi timepiece problem with out all

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midi timepiece problem with out all

Postby steveyudy » Thu Feb 19, 2004 11:43 pm

Hello, if there is anyone who can help with this I would be very thankfull.
I´m a Sonar user. I have a Motu midi timepiece (parallel), and a few days ago I changed my pc, which was running on windows Me and everything was nice, but my new pc runs on windows Xp, so I downloaded from Motu´s web site the drivers and the clock works software. After a while, everything was nice, except that there is no "out to all" output port, like there was in my old setup and it´s very useful for me. I don´t find any information in clockworks or my mtp manual, so I need your help about this issue.
Thank you very much, I´ll expect any information.
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Re: midi timepiece problem with out all

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