Weird effects in track 1 only

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Weird effects in track 1 only

Postby MagusCT » Tue Feb 24, 2004 9:01 pm

I posted this is another section on this site but I thought that it would be better suited to the Midi Issues section so I posted it here also....anyway...I know this is probably a stupid question but all of a sudden every first track in all of my songs in SONAR all have a vibrato effect and the only way to fix it is to lower the rate knob on my midi controller but I dont want to have to do this for every song. Also, the volume for track 1 is extremely low when played with the other tracks but when I solo track 1 the volume is back to normal (but the vribrato is still there). ALso...all the tracks are MIDI, no audio. What is going on?
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Re: Weird effects in track 1 only

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