Problem with tracks

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Problem with tracks

Postby NRL » Mon Apr 05, 2004 12:57 am

Hello Everyone, I can sure use some help.

I am using one midi keyboard hooked up to Cakewalk pro 9.0.

Heres what happens.

I record my drum track on track 10. Works great. I record my bass on track one. It works ok, but when I go to record a different voice on track 2, track one changes to a different voice or the same voice as track 2. Everytime I change track one voice manually back to the originally selected voice it switches to track 2 voice as the song plays.

Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Problem with tracks

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Postby andychap » Mon Apr 05, 2004 1:08 am

Try inserting a patch change at the beginning of each track through the Insert Menu > Bank/Patch Change.

This from the help file.

Electronic keyboards and synthesizers often contain hundreds or thousands of different sounds. Each sound is known as a patch. The name comes from the early days of synthesizers, where you physically rewired (using patch cords) the oscillators and modulators to produce different sounds. Patches are normally organized into groups of 128, called banks. Most instruments have between 1 and 8 banks, though MIDI supports up to 16,384 banks of 128 patches each (that’s over 2 million patches).

The bank and patch settings in the Track view control the initial bank and patch of a track during playback. Every time Pro Audio starts playback at the beginning of a song, the bank and patch settings for the track are set to these initial values.

Many instruments have descriptive names for the banks and patches. Pro Audio stores these names in an instrument definition. For more information about instrument definitions, see Instrument Definitions. If you are using an instrument that supports general MIDI, your patch list contains the 128 sounds that are defined by the general MIDI specification.

If it changes back again try inserting the change just before the first note plays on the track.
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