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Post by rubicon2008 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:27 pm

I've always used Sonar and am now using the last sonar pro, which of course is defunct. I see they've sold to another group Band something that has a free Sonar download DAW. Are there basic features missing in this free version - plugins synths and FX and exporting options mp3 for one or anything else I should be aware of from someone who knows both versions. I'm moving on to a laptop to make my studio mobile (along with Omnisphere and keyboard) and have been looking at Studio One DAW as I don't want to install Sonar Pro with no support and, to be honest I don't like it - in the old 7 Version, you could do multiple operations from choose/move/edit/etc. with the mouse automatically, now with pro, you need to select a button for each function, very time-consuming and annoying. So, any thoughts on the free Sonar/vs/Sonar Pro/Studio One


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