DR-008 in Sonar

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DR-008 in Sonar

Postby MagusCT » Fri Jul 30, 2004 1:48 am

Um first of all I have to say this is like an uber-noob question so brace yourself! I've just started getting more serious with using drums in my songs. I have been using/messing around with the DR-008 DXi in Sonar 2.0XL. Does anyone use this? Anyway, I had an already existing MIDI drum track and then I assigned the output of that to the DXi. My problem is that when I convert my MIDI tracks in the song to audio so I can export them, I cant seem to convert the track with the DXi as its output. My recording levels are extremely low for recording that track and I cant get them higher. Anyone have any ideas???
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Re: DR-008 in Sonar

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