Sonar 3 intialization

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Sonar 3 intialization

Postby Bluesmiester » Mon Aug 16, 2004 7:57 pm

I have an odd problem and a work around so I am not down but I am curious. Here goes ....

When I launch Sonar 3 everything loads up and appears to be ready to work but when I hit the play icon I get no sound what so ever.

No audio or midi playback. The play marker moves but the audio engine icon is NOT green. If I lauch Sonar then launch Sound Forge ( I have both Sound Forge 7 and Sound Forge XP Sound Studio 5 and it does not matter which one I use ) and play just a bit of an audio file Sonar will then work normally. The audio engine icon goes green. This always works ... why is what I want to know and yes , maybe a fix would be nice too ...

My enviroment : P4 2.4 Gig / 512 Meg / WinXP pro / Sonar 3 using ASIO
My platform is Dell 4600 if it matters.
I am running an Aardvark Lx-6 sound card.
All other audio applications work normally.

Lots of smart and helpful replies here ...
Hoping you all can help figure this out.

By the way ... Cakewalk tech support is stumped on this one.

The Bluesmiester

Re: Sonar 3 intialization

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