Cutting up a project into smaller ones

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Cutting up a project into smaller ones

Postby spike_austin » Fri Sep 05, 2003 8:04 pm

Direct question below the babling.

I have 3 project files (sonar 2.2) that are over 1.5hrs long consisting of 8-9 songs and a whole lot of dead space. So I wanted to copy one song from the 1.5hrs and paste it into a new project. Doing this to every song and then deleting the 1.5hr (+/- 5Gigs of files for each project).
Well about half way through this procces (which took alot longer than I thought based on my HD speed) I, to my big surprise ran out of space.

What I found was even though I hi-lighted one song from the big project, the new one song project had a copy of the entire 1.5hr project, ofcourse it only showed the one song on the srceen. I know it has the entire 1.5hr project because, the files are still about 5gigs and if I import the audio files from the song project in to a new project i get the entire original 1.5hr project.

The Q.
How do I copy to a new project just one song from the original?

Re: Cutting up a project into smaller ones

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