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New Song

Postby oops » Mon Sep 06, 2004 3:55 pm

I've just posted a new song at Soundclick sig below. It's been a while as I've had a busy month with my band Stretch. I don't write hop but this is the buisiest part of the site so I am gonna ask here. What's with the licensing tab. I see that I can't uncheck the box "allow others to change my material" unless I go up hit the "yes" then uncheck the bottom box to "no" then check the "no" in the top "allow others to copy etc", then check yes to " do the same to all my songs" ;which doen't seem to do a damn thing. I looked at this and thought well if the top box is check no, not allowing others to copy etc, then the rest of the boxes don't really matter do they? To be sure. I wen through all 40 some tunes and checked them all no. Just having a say. Take care.
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