Upgrade...v2.2 to v4 Question

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Upgrade...v2.2 to v4 Question

Postby GuestMan » Thu Jan 06, 2005 12:46 am

Hi all...

Just today upgraded from SONAR XL 2.2 to SONAR4 PE; & I intend to bust out the User's Guide this afternoon...but had one quick question:

After installation & opening v4, I noticed in Audio Options (ASIO) > Advanced Tab > File System...that my I/O Buffer Size had been automatically set to 128 KB, whereas it was always 64 KB in v2.2. Then I opened a project created in v2.2; & the playback was slow to start, with a slight delay after hitting the play button (even after resetting the I/O Buffer Size back to 64 KB.)

Went back into v2.2 & opened the same project; & playback started immediately.

Anyone know of a specific reason for this (relative to program version differences)?



BTW - Oh my god...this F'in GUI !!! How long does it take to get used to this interface? I'm like a blind man over here...can't find my way around for nothin'. Tried some different color schemes, but...wo!

Now...I did bounce the core tracks from a test project; & compared the .wav to the exact same bounce outta v2.2...& it does sound better, to my ear. So lets just say that right now, I'm happy with the summing bus!

(but man...this interface.)

Re: Upgrade...v2.2 to v4 Question

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Postby GretscGuy » Sun Jan 09, 2005 4:27 pm

Funny you should mention the problem with the display colors. I remeber seeing Sonar when it was first introduced and was so turned off by the color scheme that I waited to upgrade. A friend of mine upgraded before me and had so many bugs and problems I ran PA9 until S3 was introduced.

There are many advanteges to Soanr 4 PE over S3 PE, so I would guess you made a wise choice. S4 is a much larger application and requires more prower than the Version of Sonar you were running before. This may be why you are experiencing a slight delay on playback. Another thing I would ask is if you are using any plugins. S4 automaticly adds delay compensation so that your plugs fall where they should . Perhaps the earlier version didn't do this.

I just finished working on a CSi Master for Sonar 4 avail at GC nationwide or online:
http://www.course.com/catalog/product.c ... N=75606211

It contains about 4.5 hours of video tutorials, quizes and digital audio glossary broken down into topics (audio config, mixing, soft synths, editing, etc...) to guide you through all the features of Soanr. You may get a lot out of it.

Best of Luck!
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Postby GuestManAgainAlready » Mon Jan 10, 2005 5:46 pm



Your thinking API delay compensation could cause a one second delay at start of playback? It can't be the project itself, because playback starts right on time in v2.2.

In terms of program size, it's 112MB (as opposed to XL 2.2, which is 120+MB.) (Unless you mean the size of the immediate basic operational functions.)

I have a pet theory...I think it's extra load due to the heavy graphic content. My CPU is a 2.4GB P4; & I'm running a Gig of RAM, but even common tasks such as vertical scrolling in the Clips Pane or quick locator window movement in the Navigator Pane bogs it right down.

So...is it better to design a futuristic appearing application (that would appeal to the gamer in us all), but that also is somewhat operationally compromised as a result; & which acts as a production impediment to the virtual artist...

...or is it better to design a utilitarian appearing/operating application, which allows the virtual artist to more readily create & produce in a streamlined environment?

I'll go with the design that permits me to be the better ghost in the machine, every time.



BTW - Did you have anything to do with the CSi CD-ROM in the back cover of Scott G.'s book: SONAR4 Power? If so, hats off! Very organized & very informative.

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