Sonar -- Piano Roll -- drag ends of multiple notes?

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Sonar -- Piano Roll -- drag ends of multiple notes?

Postby rmills » Thu Mar 31, 2005 7:45 pm

I am in the Piano Roll view. There are many notes whose ends I want to drag to end of the measure. The MIDI/Audio application "Logic" (sadly not available for Windows anymore) gives the user the ability to drag the ends of multiple notes simultaneously -- either proportionally or not.

Does Sonar have a similar feature? I have found no indication that it does.

My second question is: If not, then WHY not. It seems like a pretty simple and convenient feature.

My third question is: what is an easy way to have my notes end at the measure boundary or, in the case of a single line melody, end at the beginning of the next note? The meter is 3/4, and I have half note chords and dotted-quarter-note chords that I want to be dotted-half-notes to fill-up the measures.

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Re: Sonar -- Piano Roll -- drag ends of multiple notes?

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Postby Dr Sax » Mon May 02, 2005 6:09 am

Well, I can't see how to drag multiple notes either. :x

Why can't you ? Got me. :roll:

There IS Logic for windows; I had it loaded in XP but prefer Sonar inspite of its ommision of multiple-drag-piano-roll events. :D
Dr Sax
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