Sonar 2.2 and Edirol Super Quartet ("ESQ")

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Sonar 2.2 and Edirol Super Quartet ("ESQ")

Post by Barrymac » Mon Apr 18, 2005 5:52 pm

I've been to the "official" Cakewalk forum, and no one there could help me so I'll try here. After loading ESQ (it's a DXi) and assigning the instruments to their respective channels, I set the various pan, volume, etc. parameters, press Play and everything reverts back to their default settings, so I have to frantically fiddle with the controls to hear what I want to hear. The SONAR console view has no effect on the plug-in. The Edirol online help says to consult "your hosts documentation about presets..." Well Sonar's only reference to presets I can find talks about drum mapping, which isn't even close to my problem. Even SONAR Power! doesn't have anything. Can anyone help me out?

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