HELP! Can't record midi & audio together! [Sonar 4]

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HELP! Can't record midi & audio together! [Sonar 4]

Postby djmemory » Wed May 25, 2005 10:30 pm

I can record audio and midi perfectly fine, as long as they're by themselves. But once I try to record midi while an audio track is playing, the midi drops out. For example, I have a guitar track and a vocal track laid out. Now I want to record a TTS-1 instrument over them. I'll arm the midi track for recording, and once I hit record, the audio starts playing but the midi drops out and I can't record anything.

I'm using a Yamaha PSR-240 Keyboard->M-Audio FW410->PC, and ASIO drivers. Thanks in advance.
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Re: HELP! Can't record midi & audio together! [Sonar 4]

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