Roland JV80 sound cards on Sonar

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Roland JV80 sound cards on Sonar

Postby jkoseattle » Mon Sep 26, 2005 3:17 am

I have a Roland XV-80 synth with a JV80 sound card in it. I can't seem to get Sonar to understand the track names for the sound card. I imported a .ins file which means that I can assign an output channel to the sound card, so that's all OK, and then I pick that channel on a track and I can see a list of all the tracks on the card under Patch, but then when I choose one I'm getting a different sound than the one indicated. The sound I get is the sound with the same patch number from the synth board itself, I believe. Since this is an issue between a Roland sound card and Sonar, I can't seem to get anyone from either company to want to help, since they just say "Oh, it's the other guy's issue, call them". where can I turn?
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Re: Roland JV80 sound cards on Sonar

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