digital noise on playback using Echo Layla 3g

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digital noise on playback using Echo Layla 3g

Postby danthepianoman » Tue Dec 27, 2005 12:53 am

I just hooked up the new Echo Layla 3G and I recorded my 8 tracks from my ADAT XT- no problems. However, onplayback there is all this noise and cracklng that was NOT there on the original record.

I have tried everything including playing with the settings over and over again. Just when I thought it was isolated to the ADAT recordings, I found out that any recording made, analog or digital, the playback is the same noisy way.. PLEASE HELP.

If I get the answer from Cakewalk I will post the answer on this page, seeing as how there are others that have experienced the same thing.

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Re: digital noise on playback using Echo Layla 3g

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