Problem setting midi tracks volume

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Problem setting midi tracks volume

Postby Needles » Tue Sep 23, 2003 6:08 am

Hi guys, first of all excuse my freaky english writing style :shock: (I'm from Madrid)

Well, the problem is that when I change a track volume (midi one) the other tracks change as well. In fact just selecting any midi track makes the sound play different. I mean, I have 4 midi tracks and I want to reduce the snare (midi too) volume, for example, so I select the snare track for changing it. Then every damned midi track sounds with the same volume as the snare! Aaaarrgg... crappy thing.

I'm using the DM2-XG Drums Kit (Midi output), don't know if it comes with Sonar or with the soundcard. It's a Sondblaster 512PCI (LOL , yeah, really can't buy anything better by now).

Any ideas? Thnx!

Re: Problem setting midi tracks volume

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