Discovered a way to make accurate selections!!!!!

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Discovered a way to make accurate selections!!!!!

Postby Granny McDiapers » Thu Sep 25, 2003 11:01 pm

:D :D :D :D I don't know why it works this way, and if anyone knows why PLEASE explain it to me...

I discovered that there is infact a way to make accurate selections with your mouse in 1) creating a new blank file, 2) inserting midi tracks, and then 3) inserting Audio tracks....and for some reason, doing things in this sequence and this sequence alone will allow you to accurately select things with your mouse, and move the transport line to accurate positions.

Why on earth does it work this way?
Granny McDiapers

Re: Discovered a way to make accurate selections!!!!!

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Postby andychap » Fri Sep 26, 2003 10:16 am

Sorry but you cannot claim this as your own discovery as GrannyBsexy got there before you, I think GrannyBsexy now has copyright on it :wink:
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