Loop and Punch recording

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Loop and Punch recording

Post by Noops » Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:51 pm

OK I'm finally starting to get my feet wet with this program.
I have Sonar V1.1.
When I bought it a year or so ago I was told it had the recording loop function that allowed multiple takes in separate tracks.

That was key in my buying decision.

I've made some decent recordings with it recently and now for the first time started to use the Punch recording function incombination with Loop recording.

So far after recording a bunch of takes I'm very dissapointed with the results.
I haven't changed any settings with my equipment.
When I play back the original track and then listen to the punched tracks there is a very noticeable difference in background 'ambience' between the original and the punched track.

It's totally unacceptable to use. And to make matters worse, I have clicks at the beginning and end of the punches!!!

What's the point in having a punch function with these results?
I hope someone here can help me fix these two big problems.


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