I am having a huge problem while recording in Sonar 7

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I am having a huge problem while recording in Sonar 7

Postby Saffron175 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:18 am


I need help, I'm going insane with this! I don't have the best computer, but it worked before while using Sonar 4 Producer Edition, but for no reason started getting glitchy on my for no reason that I have come to understand. I plug my guitar into my PODxt Live and that into my computer via USB. I am not sure what happened, or how to fix it, but for some reason, whenever I record, there are not only pops and clicks in the audio when I try to listen back, but the timing is all out of sync. In other words, if i strum a chord every 4 seconds, when i play back the recording, the strumming will sound like bits of audio was deleted and there are occasional pops and clicks. I have seemingly tried everything, but it's just hard to figure out what is wrong. Again, i never had a problem using the PODxt Live before, but for some reason it's all funky and I can't fix it. Is there anyone out there that has had this happen to them before, or any advice for me? I really need to fix this ASAP.

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Re: I am having a huge problem while recording in Sonar 7

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