Soundcard for Sonar7 or SOnar1

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Soundcard for Sonar7 or SOnar1

Postby micaofboca » Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:37 am

I want to buy a new PC to connect to My Yamaha Motif ES via an mLAN16e interface. I have a copy of Sonar 1 which I could use if the system requirements were less expensive, but I plan on upgrading to Sonar 7. Is it necessary to change the soundcard (I don't know if any of them come with ASIO or WDM drivers). I only need to record 1 track at a time, but would rather make use of the mLAN16e's multi track capabilities. I'm not sure which processor to get as the fancier Intel Pentiums and Athlons can get pricey. The list of audiocards ( is huge and I'd rqather buy the P.C. already equipped with a sufficient soundcard, but if latency becomes a problem which soundcard should I purchase that won't give me problems?
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Re: Soundcard for Sonar7 or SOnar1

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