Sonar 7 does it offer a Virtual Audio cable?

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Sonar 7 does it offer a Virtual Audio cable?

Post by davemitchell » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:14 pm

win xp , sonar 6 , gigastudio 3, rme multiface 1:

for the past 3 or 4years i have been using sonar and gigastudio together on the same machine along with RME Multiface I.
i was told by someone a long time ago to just loop my spdif out back to spdif in...and its been working fine... i can record
gigastudio in sonar and also all my vst's by just enabling a audio track and choosing the spdif input... but now i am in the
process of building another computer so i will have multi computer setup..with giga being on a computer all to itself and sonar on another computer... i was going to use an old 2496 card for the giga machine and the rme for the new Sonar machine... but today i unhooked the spdif cable and and went to sonar 6 and tried to just record an existing audio track to another audio track ,,,just practicing mixing down... but i couldnt figure it out... the sdif input obviously didnt work because i unhooked the physical spdif cable that was looped, because when i get the second machine built..i was planning on sending the audiophile 2496 spdif out on the giga machine to the spdif in on the rme multiface on the sonar machine...
what am i missing here? i should be able to record an existing internal sonar audio track or multiple audio tracks and virtual tracks within sonar without having to use my spdif loop... right??? i will be using midi over lan also...

say i have 2 virtual tracks and one existing bass track{audio file}playing in Sonar 6 ,among other tracks,, and i put those specific tracks on solo and want to record them to a new audio track for whatever reason, in the past i would just choose my spdif input which represented my physical spdif loop,,, but im expirementing with the way my setup will be when i have multi machines...and im saving my one sdif input on my rme multiface breakout box for the spdif coming out of my 2496 card on my giga computer... so how can i get those tracks easily down to one new audio track as easily as i did before with spdif?

thanks for any help,

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