Two big problems with Sonar 6 Producer: Nudge and volume

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Two big problems with Sonar 6 Producer: Nudge and volume

Postby Morgoe » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:54 am

I've been using Sonar 6 Producer on both my laptop for recording and a PC for mixing/etc.

I've got two really wierd problems.
The first only appears on my PC - its absolutely fine on my laptop, and I've no idea what causes it. Say I split a track in two. If I try to nudge or move Half1 too close to Half2, then Half2 will randomly move about 10 or 20 bars away, and often splits itself again. Its fine if I move the two halves far away (5-10 bars). Again, it only appears on my PC, and it makes editing timing issues insanely difficult (a new track for each note..ugh). I'm running Windows XP Pro, and its Sonar 6 Producer Edition. I'm also running Windows XP Pro with the same Sonar on my laptop.
I'll try to get pics later on if needed.

The second problem (although may be an option I haven't found out how to turn off..) is that when I export things then they get boosted in volume, maybe 3dB or so. This is really annoying when I mix things just below 0dB, then export them and they start clipping. This doubles with the previous problem - I fix the timing issues in one .cwp, then export it as a .wav so I can have only 1 track in the new .cwp...except its clipping by ~3dB. Is this an option or an error? I haven't noticed it on my laptop as I don't do mixing but thinking of it now it could be clipping - It definately wasn't clipping when I was recording but was when I was mixing. So its affecting both my PC and my laptop.

If you need any other information, I'll provide it, pics if needed too. These problems are killing me!
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Re: Two big problems with Sonar 6 Producer: Nudge and volume

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